Mandolinata Karlsruhe 1962


Mandolinata-Karlsruhe is a plucked string orchestra, dedicated to superb music, contemporary as well as classic. A plucked string orchestra is comparable to a string orchestra: Mandolins play the role of violins, mandolas are the violas and guitars form the cellos. We currently have 18 active performers and are directed by Christopher Grafschmidt. We meet once per week for our rehearsals in a convenient hall in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Further information about the history of the Mandolinata-Karlsruhe can be found in our Chronicals They are currently only available in german. We appologize for the inconvenience.

A short report about our concert tour to Logroño, Spain in the summer of 2011 can be found under the following link here(→ Concert tour to Logroño). We kindly appologize that this report is at this time also only available in German.


You can download here the most recent picture of the Mandolinata-Karlsruhe in high-resolution.